Building a House

My father is in the process of building a new house for himself, on a riverbank in the north east of Scotland. The whole thing is very modern and eco and made entirely from wood, and is designed as a more-or-less flat-pack which is assembled on site. A few months ago I was there, while they were assembling it, and I made some drawings:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s the lower half of the site, nothing but the foundations.

north-wall-low-resBuilders preparing for a new section of wall to be lowered into place with a crane.

measuring-low-resUsing a spirit level on a very long ruler to message the spirituality of the site, or whatever spirit levels do.

lower-floor-walls-low-resSome walls in place.

lower-floor-walls-2-low-resAbout half the walls in place on the lower side.

living-room-low-resWalls in place upstairs too (it’s raining quite heavily, and I’m crouching under an umbrella to draw).

installing-the-floor-low-resPutting in flooring.


Walls being lowered into place.

drilling-low-resBuilders doing something.

crane-low-resThe crane.

beams-low-resAlmost all the external walls finished, lots to do with the internal walls.


Builders doing building.sawing-low-resBuilder with circular saw.


Builder on top of a section of wall.



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2 responses to “Building a House

  1. I really like image no 6 – very ‘painterly’
    Good luck with the build!

  2. Very nice work. 🙂
    I especially like the foliage.

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