Patisserie in Print

Voila! Here is a new linocut print I made, based off those few sketches of a Patisserie I made last week. I’m planning on leading it into a little series of prints about French food and lifestyle. What do you think?




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5 responses to “Patisserie in Print

  1. Really, really good. I went to the Towner Gallery in Eastbourne yesterday and there were lots of books about lino prints & Sussex artists. Its great!

  2. Liz Maddicott

    Super, comme toujours.
    How many blocks did you use and what size were they?
    I hope you’re enjoying life in France,

    • It’s two reduction blocks – the main image is a roughly A4 piece of lino, carved in five layers (yellow, pink, light blue, grey, dark blue) then the word “patisserie” is a separate block, in two layers; the purple background and the dark blue text.

  3. I love your beautiful print. I hope you do create a series on this theme.

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