London in the Limelight

Here’s a neat new illustration coming out in World of Interiors magazine, about gas lamps in London. Who knew! Apparently there are still hundreds of working gas lamps in London – and now here’s an illustration about them.gas lights low res

Here it is in print too:


And for those who are curious: here are some of the roughs!





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58 responses to “London in the Limelight

  1. What a wonderful composition and I love your use of the yellow counterpointed against the blue shades. And indeed who knew about all those extant gas lamps?

  2. Wow! James, what a splendid and artistic composition!!

  3. Wow! As a wordsmith, I am awed by your talent and the story you tell so elegantly with not one word.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. nathaswami

    221B, Baker Street has not been shown.

  5. I love this the colours are so beautiful

  6. WOW, this is so amazing! I sometimes think how it is possible to be able to do things like that (drawing I mean) You’re awesome!

  7. shreyovi

    Nice sketches.

  8. shreyovi

    That so true some have that talent to build anything on canvas barely with their creative imagination. So cool.

  9. Absolutely stunning, you are a true artist. So much talent

  10. Beautiful and amazing! I really wish we had gas lamps throughout America too.

  11. The color scheme you used is simply exquisite! I love the combination of blues, purples and yellows–truly appealing to the eyes. I also love the fact that in your illustration a story ca be read, in this world of constant innovations and quick paced lifestyle there is still some that will look up at a gas lamp and stare at it with child-like wonder.

  12. I really love the casual eloquence of each scene. Like they say, these paintings we draw or sketch, they speak for themselves. Really feel the detailed daily london happenings.

  13. I loved this ! Very nice presentation ; I’d love it if you read some of my poetry as well! On

  14. That’s pretty neat. I love rough sketches. Makes me feel normal. ❤️

  15. Munenegains

    Thankyou. Its amazing

  16. Layla.Katharina

    I would love to see this animated!

  17. Aby Sebastian

    so beautiful ….

  18. Wow.

    I got to say this blog grabbed my attention in a matter of seconds.

    I love art so much and this is amazing, it is splendid, it is really worth all the attention it is getting.

  19. quinlantravelguide

    I love the style of this art and captures it perfectly 🙂

  20. Mashisha

    I love the gas lights in London the parks are lined with them!

  21. The Meanderings of GHNK

    Love these pictures! As I too love the lamp posts in London

  22. Beautiful imagery! Thanks for sharing. Sharing is Caring.

  23. artifexes

    Nice but not sooo nice. Thanks anyway :

  24. Iriz Chan

    Such a talent, love it!

  25. Colors used in images are so catchy. love the style of your artwork and how it deliver a unique message about London.

  26. Such a sense of wonder in what would otherwise be quite a pedestrian scene. Absolutely love it!

  27. so glad I happened onto your gorgeous though-provoking blog 🙂

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