Trip to the Zoo

There’s this great thing in France, of having small free zoos in public parks. Great for drawing, because firstly they’re full of animals and people, and also great because they’re free, so you can just stroll in and draw and then stroll out. I’m working on a semi-secret project involving a zoo that will be revealed later, but for now, here are some pictures from the zoo and park (no pictures of animals! For semi-secret reasons).

But here are the people looking at the animals! Which in many ways is more interesting:persons 2People do some strange things in zoos. I keep seeing people standing in front of the signs with the animals’ names on them, staring at the animals and demanding “what is this? what kind of animal is it? I just don’t know!”folk 2I saw this strange pair methodically walking around the zoo, shaking their heads and tutting in front of every animal, saying “oh, it’s just so sad to keep animals in zoos. Oh it’s so cruel.”, in front of every animal. I know there’s a lot of criticism that can be levelled at zoos, but it also seems strange to go to a zoo if you already know you don’t like zoos.people 2The other important part of every zoo trip is staring at dense patches of foliage and wondering “Is this cage empty? or is the animal hiding?” This is one such drawing:flowers 2Also in the park: giant beautiful greenhouses. Like zoos for tropical plants. Here is a quick drawing of the greenhouses which proves, if nothing else, that architectural accuracy is not essential when drawing 19th century greenhouses. greenhouses 2Here are some people playing in the park. The little girl is playing with a toy plane (take that, gender stereotypes!)kitsch kids 2family 2

That’s it for the park drawings! More development will follow though, so stay tuned!


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