Lunch with the Governess

At last! I’m getting back into lino printing- having had almost a whole year away from it while at the Royal Drawing School. So far I’ve just been doing some prints in the kitchen, which is great fun, but I do have something to show for it:

Governess screen

It’s based on a drawing of some people I saw in the Tate Modern cafe: a posh-looking lady and a child eating a sandwich.IMG_20160412_0003

And then it struck me, it’s been ages since I put up any pages from my sketchbook. So here are some pages from my sketchbook.IMG_20160412_0004

Outside King’s Cross.IMG_20160412_0005Man with tattoos in a bar.IMG_20160412_0006

Blackfriar’s Bridgethames sketch

Soutwark Bridge- this one was drawn extremely quickly, in the freezing cold pouring rain.

But back to the prints. The great thing about printmaking in the kitchen is that you can do whatever you like and feel really free and have a lot of fun. The bad thing about printmaking in the kitchen is that your cat will do its best to play with every single stage of your process:



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