The BOOK, at last!

At last! The wait is over, the graphic novel has finally come back from the printers. I have boxes and boxes of them now. Feast your eyes!

I’ve had an edition of 50 printed so far, with the intention of sending them out to publishers, and selling them at my degree show and in various other places- more details will emerge soon.

Below is the front cover, and then some more of the pages.

I’m going to set up an online shop to sell them later, but if anyone wants to beat what will undoubtedly be a real tsunami-like rush and buy one now, send me an email (to I’m selling them for £15, plus £1.50 for postage.



Filed under comics, Drawing, Graphic Novel, Illustration

2 responses to “The BOOK, at last!

  1. i want! reserve a copy for me!!!!

  2. Want too 🙂

    I email you now

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