Drawing Year Exhibition

At last, my year of intense drawing at the Royal Drawing School is coming to a close. And so, my final exhibition approaches! It’s on the 1st of December, in the Royal Drawing School which is on Charlotte Road, in Shoreditch, London. All are welcome!

I’ll probably post up dozens more reminders and invites over the coming month, but for the moment, here is a sneak peak of some of the drawings I’ll be exhibiting there: Royal_Drawing_School-37Royal_Drawing_School-2-95

Royal_Drawing_School-2-90 Royal_Drawing_School-2-93 Royal_Drawing_School-2-91 Royal_Drawing_School-2-92   Royal_Drawing_School-2-94

For all the proper information, here is the official invite:DY_Invite_2015 FINAL FOR WEBSee you all there!


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