Italy and France Sketchbook

italy and france_0003

I’ve been away! I went to Italy, and then to France, but don’t worry- I’m back in horrible old rainy London now. I went to Italy for a painting residency thing as part of my postgrad course, along with all my classmates, and then I came back overland through Tuscany and then up to France. I went to ten different places in total. TEN! It was great fun and I ate ice cream every single day. I also did plenty of drawing in my sketchbook- a small selection of which I’ve scanned in for your entertainment (there’s also more drawing and painting, lots more of it, but it’s staying hidden for the moment). So like a tiresome uncle sitting you down and making you look through hundreds of holiday photos, I’m going to force you to get comfortable and endure all the things that I’ve been looking at. Here they are:

italy and france_0001

This one is in Pisa- the one at the top is in Pisa too. I didn’t take any photos of the leaning tower, unfortunately- and I felt like drawing those optical illusion tricks would just be cheating.

italy and france_0002

Here’s a fat woman in Pisa, eating in a restaurant

italy and france_0004

Some more people in a bar

italy and france_0005

Near Pisa, there’s a town called Castiglioncello, a very idyllic seaside town, which I went to with my pal Tim. Here’s a picture of him drawing a picture there, and below, a bit of the sea that we were swimming in.italy and france_0006

italy and france_0008

Then I rejoined my classmates and went by bus to a villa in the hills of Tuscany. What happened there was mostly painting of landscapes, for unbearable hour after hour of the day! And those paintings will almost certainly never be shown to anyone, they’re dreadful. But there are a few drawings- above, is a picture of us all eating dinner together. The Tuscan landscapes I can take or leave, but the Tuscan cooking makes up for them.

italy and france_0015

On one occasion we were forced not just to paint Tuscan landscapes, but paint Tuscan landscapes by night. I resisted, and instead drew my classmates, who were painting in the dark.

italy and france_0030

Also there was a pool, in which proper non-artist guests at the villa were allowed to swim, while we were allowed only to look longingly at it, like Dickensian orphans. They didn’t say anything about drawing it though, so here’s someone in the pool.

italy and france_0032

Also, a sulking teenager not in the pool.

italy and france_0031

Also, a man cleaning the pool. He had a funny little electric robot which drove around on the bottom all by itself, cleaning it and bumping into the walls.

italy and france_0014

Lastly, the owner of the villa! He was very generous in letting us stay there, and letting us eat his delicious food. He himself smoked cigars and drove a little vintage fiat, as shown.

italy and france_0009

Onwards now, to Siena, a completely stunningly beautiful city where nothing has happened in 500 years, except tourism.

italy and france_0010

Here are some tourists outside a cathedral. This drawing earned me the startling praise of “you’re so good at this, you could draw people’s pictures in the street, like, for money”. Well thankyou.

italy and france_0011

Here are some more tourists, lounging in the street. Lounging!

italy and france_0012

And hundreds and hundreds of tourists taking photos of the piazza and such things.

italy and france_0013

That’s the kind of thing they were taking pictures of- it is quite beautiful there!

italy and france_0016

Onwards now, to Bologna! While I was in each of the following places for longer, I was doing more relaxed touristy things- and for the sake of efficiency, I will show only a few drawings from each place.

italy and france_0017

Here is a street in Bologna- it’s so idyllic, all I could do was have aperitivo and relax.

italy and france_0021

Next, Florence! That there is the cathedral, which looks like an icing covered cake.

italy and france_0020

Here are the tourists, who swarm at the icing covered cake like children.

italy and france_0018

These are some people working in an ice cream parlour. Wowee, the ice cream! Best thing about Italy, definitely. You can have the beauty, I’ll have the ice cream.

italy and france_0022

Here are some people drinking and eating in Florence too, next to a very noble statue.

italy and france_0023

Aaaaaand full steam ahead now- to Lucca. Big beautiful walls around Lucca, and a creamy, gelato-y centre. This is a palazzo, as seen from the walls.

italy and france_0024

And a square, with people watching some sort of outdoor theatre thing.

italy and france_0025

Next I went to Genoa. Strangely, I only have one drawing from Genoa, of a tourist in yellow hot pants, but I think it’s the best drawing from the entire trip. (also in Genoa is an exhibition of Gipi’s artwork- if you happen to be there, you MUST go to it)

italy and france_0026

Next next, I went over the border and into Nice- which is nice. Lots of sitting on beaches, drawing hot sweaty people!

italy and france_0027

After Nice, Avignon! Idyllic, but dull…italy and france_0028

There’s some more Avignon street.

italy and france_0029

And lastly, Lyon! Where I ate the most delicious food and ice cream. That’s all the drawings for now- but there will be more coming up soon.. Au revoir



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2 responses to “Italy and France Sketchbook

  1. brillant drawings, I would LOVE to get my hands on your sketchbook-travel diary. Thank you so much for sharing.
    May I ask whats the format of your drawings?

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