Graphic novel sneak-peek!

That’s right. For the first time ever, it’s time for a sneak-peak (in geek-freak-antique-greek-teak?), of a handful of pages from my graphic novel. It’s currently without text- not because the script doesn’t exist, but because it’ll be hand-lettered and put in later, once the drawings have been scanned in properly and all that. I’m currently about a third of the way through drawing the whole thing (it’ll be 72 page in the end) and will definitely (I keep saying to myself) be finished by November. Enjoy!

Hopefully all this has left you thirsty for more- Which is the right reaction- but now I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. This weekend I’m flying out to Italy on a painting trip, then travelling overland through northern Italy and France back to London- so while I’ll be drawing pretty much constantly on that trip, I probably won’t get any chance to update the blog! The hiatus will last one month, so by the middle of August you can expect a massive upload of the whole trip’s drawings and paintings. But until that day- ciao!


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