Comic book idea drawings

characters_0001Lo! And behold! Here are some new drawings. I’ve started working on a comic book project (and when I say started, I mean really just started- I’ve finished the first draft of the script and the panels are currently scratchy pencil messes) but I thought I’d share some of the idea drawings. characters_0005 It’s a story about pretentious hipsters, really, and a man called Victor, and his many changing obsessions, and his long-suffering girlfriend. This is Victor: characters_0007And this is his girlfriend, on the right:characters_0008 More story details will follow, but at this stage I can confirm that it will involve a dog, and that the dog will meet and untimely end!characters_0002Other than that, it will involve cool kids and drinking and dancing and people arguing about nonsense things. characters_0009characters_0003

characters_0004The drawings are based a lot around observational drawings from the sketchbook, of which I’ve put up hundreds and hundreds in the past, and also based on my sort of iridescent memories of arriving in big new cities like London, New York and Hong Kong for the first time.

characters_0006So more details will appear in the coming weeks! So watch out! Yah!


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