Adventures in coloured pencil

Here are some drawings in my favourite of all childrens’ media, the colouring pencil! A set of five drawings, all based developed from observational drawings and based vaguely on situations I have either been in, or seen. I put two of these drawings up in the past, but these ones should be clearer.

Children at the end of a swimming lesson.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn an art gallery.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  Unimpressed diners in a Chinese restaurant.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  In a bookshop.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Girl waiting for her date to arrive.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Filed under Drawing, Illustration, Swimming

5 responses to “Adventures in coloured pencil

  1. I really love your loose, fluid mark-making. My favourite from this set is the art gallery. I like all the little vignettes happening in the scene.

  2. oolung

    Really love the lightness and vibrancy of these pictures. Colour pencils rule!

  3. so colorful and dynamic, I can sense the flow in your compositions. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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