Easter holiday sketchbook

I haven’t been into the studio for an entire week! It’s been glorious, and now I remember what air smells like when it’s not turpentine flavoured. But I have been doing a good bit of sketchbook drawing. Here is some of it: easter scans_0002 First off, this is a picture of my good friend Oliver Ninnis. He is sitting at my kitchen table, with a hangover, playing Sim City on his phone (or constantly swiping right on Tinder? I’m never sure). But I like this drawing because it made me feel a bit of that Toulouse-Lautrec drawing of the Guele de Bois. A timeless drawing! (for the record, Mr. Oliver Ninnis is also an illustrator, his work is here.)easter scans_0004easter scans_0007I did also go outside occasionally in the week. I walked around and drew people in the street. One of my favourite places to draw is Broadway Market, because it combines the elite of London’s hipster community with those who spend their sunny afternoons drinking Skol on public benches.   easter scans_0006easter scans_0005easter scans_0003  easter scans_0001 Not only that, but I went down to Liverpool Street station the other day. The ultimate for people watching! My favourite thing there is to stand on the walkway immediately underneath the big boards with all the train times on, and look down at the crowd, because it feels like they’re all staring up at you! I can pretend I’m addressing them with an inspiring speech.  easter scans_0008 easter scans_0009 The other thing I did, and this was a bit before the break, but still, was I had a class in the City of London Police stables. I always think police horses are funny things, they seem a bit outdated, and I wasn’t entirely sure what they’re used for, except parades and riots. Perhaps we should have more riots, to validate their existence? Anyway, I discovered that they also go out on patrol, like normal police, so it’s possible that you could call 999 because your house had been broken into or whatever, and rather than a police car turning up, two men on horses would arrive! Exciting eh? I wonder if they have little horse sirens.easter scans_0010 easter scans_0011



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2 responses to “Easter holiday sketchbook

  1. Horse sirens: it’s a dragons den winner and no mistake :-). Beautiful sketching, used to live in Hackney Central – bit of nostalgia reading your post!

  2. Thanks for the sketches, James. Loved your descriptions, too. Especially enjoyed your comments and drawings of Liverpool Street Station. I lived in Norwich for a couple of years in the 1990s and came and went to London through LSS…always an exciting place. Brought back great memories…

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