Nights out

Here are three ink drawings I made today, all about going out in ol’ London town. They’re loosely based on observational drawings, and also memory and also imagination, all put together. One of my studiomates suggested that I took a rather dim view of other human beings on nights out, but if you walk around Soho on a Saturday night, how can you not feel like that? Anyway, the first is of some sexy ladies walking near Regent street.

night out The second is of a fight breaking out in a pub! Fights in pubs tend to begin and end so quickly that its impossible to draw, but it got really vividly etched into my memory, even though I saw it a long time ago, so it wasn’t too difficult to reconstructed. I drew some people boxing a few weeks ago too, and can conclude that fight is great fun to draw (George Bellows was right!)bar fightThe last one is the most Hogarth-like: I was in a pub in the City and three banker-type boys came in, having just been let out of their work-holes, and basically pushed everyone out of the way so they could line up some chairs and sit right in front of the football. They were so loud! And they were revelling in being obnoxious- you can tell. How can anyone be that passionate about some men in shorts running around a field? bar boys



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3 responses to “Nights out

  1. These are fun! I so admire your confidence with the brushwork. And the lights and darks of the 2nd and 3rd images are brilliant. I love ink!!! What do you use for your pen work?

  2. Hi Jamie,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog for some time- I think your sketches are great. I’m really glad that your illustrating career is going so well. I was espeially impressed to see your pictures in the folio books brochure.
    Best Wishes,

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