First world war portraits

Something that I haven’t got round to blogging about much lately, but has still been running in the background of my life, is my ongoing series of portraits for Our First World War, a column in BBC History magazine. They’re little portraits to illustrate first-hand accounts of the war, told from letters, diary entries, and interviews with participants. They’re almost all pictures of various young men, and they’re all incredibly tragic. Here are five of the newer ones, from the last few months. You can see the whole selection in my portfolio here, and read the articles on the BBC History website.

Hawtin Mundy final Harold Hayward final Edmund Williams final Tom Louch final herbert rees final



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3 responses to “First world war portraits

  1. I really like your use of the limited palette and vintage tones in these portraits in addition to the characterful faces. As a family historian with scores of war dead, I’ve been following the centenary commemorations as closely as I can (it’s not getting much coverage in the US) and it’s so incredibly poignant. So thanks for doing your bit to bring these stories to life so as to make the personal histories come alive.

  2. Hi James! Been following your blog for a while now. Always find your work inspiring…and have to say that I enjoy (with some envy) your travels and the work that has resulted. These portraits continue the journey: fresh, personal, contemporary, yet historically reflective. Very nice stuff!

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