Big Drawings

Here are some drawings that I’ve been working on in the studio lately- big compositions with lots of people- in coloured pencil. I say big, they’re about A2 size, which is big for me, but most people in my studio now seem to be working on GIANT OIL PAINTINGS, so by comparison they’re quite small.

The top one is a girl waiting for her date to arrive- it’s also set in the near future, which is something I have been thinking about a lot, which you may see more of relatively soon, but for the moment it’s a secret idea. The second one is of some unimpressed Yorkshire people in a Chinese restaurant. A bit new, a bit different, a bit fun, eh?PTDC0022 PTDC0013



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2 responses to “Big Drawings

  1. These sketches make me think of Tolouse Lautrec’s sketches quite a bit. Something about the mark making, vibrating lines and colour combinations.

  2. lizzie

    I agree Laura – it’s also the sort of place Lautrec would have recorded. I like it James.

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