February sketchbook

Well you know, these blog posts- you wait around for ages and then two arrive at once. I had both a sketchbook and a scanner within reach this morning, so scanned some pictures! They’re all just quick coloured pencil things. Enjoy!feb scans_0008

Here are some pub drawings: my favourite stomping ground, because it’s too cold to go outside and draw these days.

feb scans_0009 This girl was great to draw- she was on a date, and every moment that the boy vanished for more than a few seconds, she would start sighing and pining and sulking, as shown:feb scans_0010 I also went and did some drawing in a bowling alley! Bowling! I haven’t done it since I was eight, I think, and I was terrible at it then- I would always lose and sulk. feb scans_0004 feb scans_0005 The good thing about bowling is that people tend to be so focused on the game that they don’t notice you drawing. The bad thing is that they bowl so fast that it’s so difficult to get the movement really right!feb scans_0006 Lastly, a little drawing in a Chinese restaurant- it was Chinese New Year last week! But now that festival has been eclipsed by St. David’s Day, of course…feb scans_0007There we go, that’s your Sunday dose of drawings.



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2 responses to “February sketchbook

  1. Wonderful drawings as always. I especially like the first bowling one. I think you capture the scene brilliantly.

  2. casandralee

    haha beautiful stories of life you’ve shared

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