Two ink drawings


I’ve been doing a lot of drawing recently, getting really into drawing in ink with a dip pen. Here are two of my drawings. The first is of some people on the bus, stuck in a traffic jam, in the rain. The second is of some antique sellers in Abney Hall, which is near where I live.

PTDC0002 PTDC0003 (2)Yesterday I was taught how to make quills from goose feathers, which is great fun and makes me feel like I’m in the 18th century. So what’s coming up next will be lots of very modern drawings, drawn in a very old-fashioned way!




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3 responses to “Two ink drawings

  1. I love drawing with quills. I love the scratchy, erratic mark making. I had to give my quills to a friend when we emigrated so I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for a goose feather since we arrived in America. Plenty of geese but so far no feather.

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