Two Paintings

I have no internet in my flat, and no internet in my studio, and it’s lovely- it means that all the time that I’d normally waste on facebook is instead wasted on other things, like chewing on the waxwork and playing the guitar in the bath. It also means I never blog anything- the other reason I never blog anything is because I am doing lots of projects which are not yet published, and thus cannot yet be shown. How’s that for suspense-building?

In the mean time, I’ve been trying some painting. I share a studio with a lot of very nice people who are mostly all painters, so it’s a nice environment to try so new things out inbetween doing proper, serious work. Here are two paintings for recently- both are based on sketches from people that I’ve seen. The first, I would imagine, is a retired lucha libre wrestled. The second is of two German people who are lost in a forest.

retired lucha screen

lost tourists screen


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