Tracks to the Trenches

Happy New Year! I hope your festive season was full of appropriately seasonal festivities. Mine was, I was in Scotland, it was cold and I did too much socialising. Now I’m back in the ol’ studio, printmaking like crazy, and working on a secret project which I won’t show anyone for several months. In the mean time though, a book has come out, which I did the cover for a while ago. It’s called Colonel Péchot: Tracks to the Trenches (by Sarah Wright, published by Birse Press) and it’s a non-fiction reference book about the history of French railways in the run-up to the first world war, and a biography of a man called Prosper Péchot, who was  a genius engineer behind a lot of their designs. One of the best things about being an illustrator is that you learn about all sorts of topics which you would otherwise never come across! Anyway, here’s my cover design- I also did the layouts inside, but they’re less interesting because they don’t involve making pictures, just arranging them.

A5 ver Here it is in print:Cover photo

Unrelated to the book, but I also want to express my enormous sympathy and shock and overwhelming emotion for those who died in the massacre at Charlie Hebdo today. It’s easy to underestimate the bravery that it takes to criticise and satirise, but today shows the huge value of using and protecting our right to free speech, and our right to laugh.


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  1. I completely agree with your sentiments about today’s events.

    Your cover design is fantastic, charmingly retro with a dynamic composition. Great work!

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