Hong Kong Part 3: Bigger pictures

Here are the last lot of sketchbook pages for the moment- lots of big scenes and views and things. After two weeks of non-stop running around and partying and eating delicious food, my body seems to have come down with some sort flu, so the act of writing, seeing, thinking and breathing are now all way more trouble than they’re worth. So the writing here will be brief:

View from my girlfriend’s studio in Lingnan University, looking over the campus and some trees and things.

james sb  Old men playing chequers.james sb 12

An old man giving some rather intense back-seat chequers advice.

james sb 13

Cat dancing in the living room.james sb 11 Eucalyptus trees in a small park.james sb 2  People walking down the road in Tuen Mun.james sb 14 Houses on stilts in Tai O.james sb 28 Street in Tai O.james sb 29 View of Tai O port, from the ferry as it leaves.james sb 31


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  1. you have been to hongkong! too bad I “met” you online that late!

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