Hong Kong Part 2: Little sketchbook

More drawings from HK! Because why not. I always take a little sketchbook around with me so I can draw quickly if I spot something funny or odd, where it would be impractical to sit down with a big book. Here are some of those drawings.

A man embracing his (much younger) girlfriend in Wan Chai.james sb 36

A fat tourist on the ferry to Tai O- he took hundreds and hundreds of photos on the journey, mostly of the empty sea. He also had ridiculous glasses on.

james sb 39

A shopkeeper eating lunch in Tai O.

james sb 40


An old man and a lady in the Inland Revenue office. The Hong Kong Inland Revenue office was exactly as exciting as you’d expect it to be.james sb 37 james sb 38

A girl revising for exams in Kubrick cafe.

james sb 5 A big fat man eating in a restaurant.james sb 8 A very elegant lady eating noodles in a very unelegant way.james sb 9 A stern-looking man.james sb 16 An old man in a restaurant.james sb 32 A fat student trying to use a Xerox machine in a reprographics shop.james sb 33 Some people on the MTR.james sb 34 Old man waiting at a bus stop.james sb 35 More drawings coming tomorrow!


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One response to “Hong Kong Part 2: Little sketchbook

  1. Great gestural sketches. There’s so much personality and energy in your portraits. Is there an elegant way to eat noodles?

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