Assorted drawings from the last few weeks

I finally got round to sitting down and photographing some of the drawings from the last few weeks. In a hurry, but I did it anyway. Do excuse any blurriness which I wasn’t paying attention to at the time. PTDC0013

Some life drawings, drawn in a big fat Posca pen.

PTDC0012  Some which aren’t done in a marker pen:


A few illustrations for The Gypsy Nun which is a poem by Lorca.


PTDC0014  PTDC0021PTDC0022

Drawing of Guernica, after Picasso, sort of.PTDC0024

Life model relaxing in a deck chair while the tutor talks in the background.PTDC0018    Man with a lot of tattoos.PTDC0025 PTDC0026   Some life drawings in super-fun oil pastels!PTDC0030 PTDC0031PTDC0029


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