October Sketchbook Rundown

Hot damn! I’m drawing so much at the moment that I get through almost a sketchbook a week, and I’ve developed a twitch in my left eye. I’m not going to scan all those pictures, but here’s a quick rundown of some of them:Image (34)People walking around in Brick Lane.


Image (35) Hipsters eating at the Old Truman Brewery.Image (36) This old man sat on this bench for so long and so still that I thought he was dead! I didn’t try to help him or anything, I just drew him. Then he got up and walked away so I guess he was okay.

Image (37) Chiswick House.Image (38) Hampstead Heath in the middle of the night, with light pollution behind- it was so dark I didn’t know what the drawing really looked like until I got back into the tube station.

Image (39) This man isn’t William Hogarth, but looks a lot like him.Image (40) Man with dog outside Aldgate East.Image (41) People playing chess in a pub.Image (42) Standing in a doorway waiting for the rain to pass in Bloomsbury.Image (43) Drawing the Head class.Image (44) My classmate sitting around doing nothing.Image Pictures of people.


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  1. A sketchbook a week is brilliant!

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