More school drawings

Yes, it’s another week, I’m slightly more exhausted than I was this time last week, and despite my best intentions of not spending all weekend drawing, I spent all weekend drawing. And all week drawing. Here are a tiny number of the drawings which I have made- a real fraction, because in one class I made about 30 drawings in a day (one of our teachers said that Oscar Kokoshka used to get his students to make 500 drawings in a class- and if each drawing was one minute, that would be eight and a half hours of drawings without breaks). PTDC0001These drawings were made with a posca pen- no rubbing out! I never rub out anyway though, partially because I’m such a pro, partially because I am too disorganised to not lose expensive putty rubbers. PTDC0003In the background you can see my classmates. In the below picture are the legs of Mr. Thomas Treherne and Mr. Timothy Martin. PTDC0007This last life drawing was from memory! We spent all day doing five minute poses with the model, the redrawing them in five minutes from memory. With no breaks. PTDC0013Onto non-life-drawing related things, here are some drawings for a class on graphic novels which I’m taking: here is a rough for a drawing I’m making all about showing movement and time in a single panel, all about THE OTHER WOMAN. PTDC0006Also, sort-of-life-drawings, this time on the theme of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare- the play that massive Shakespeare fans most often claim to be funny. But this is Sir Belch, in costume. True fact: Shakespeare sat up all night trying to come up with a name for that character.PTDC0012 And this is Malvolio. PTDC0016Laaaaaaastly, here are some pictures of people’s faces- the reason these are always last is because I am writing on Wednesday morning, and I have “drawing the head” on Tuesday night. PTDC0018The other reason is because this one is my favourite- not just because it actually looks like her (it does!) but because she was making no secret of being completely bored for the whole class, and was fiddling with her jewellery and fidgeting like crazy, and that was more fun to draw than someone’s fixed expression at a distant wall. PTDC0020

So that is THIS WEEK. Next week I will show you next week. A lot of people have said that my drawing is changing a lot being here, which is good- we can see that education is actually having some sort of effect on me. Also the effect of drawing hundreds of pictures and constantly being criticised and told to experiment and change things.

But! I also have a bumper crop of commissioned illustrations coming out this week and next so you’ll see some more actually-finished looking things then.



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