Life drawings, mostly.

More drawings from various classes! Some good, some not so good. All taken with a cheap camera in a dimly lit studio, so I apologise for the focusing issues.


First up a regular old life drawing. Then I drew it again from memory in watercolours. I was much more relaxed drawing it from memory.


Then we did some life drawings all based on Greek Myths. This one here is Juno, Goddess of Goddesses. Which sounds like one of those vague managerial positions.PTDC0007PTDC0004

Then this is Echo, in various positions, being upset because Narcissus doesn’t love her! PTDC0008

But who can blame him? It’s not his fault he was born really, really ridiculously good-looking. He’s under no obligation to love- especially not to love Echo, who, let’s face it, is pretty awkward. Also, the whole thing about him staring into his reflection, that wasn’t even his fault! It was a curses that Nemesis put on him. Anyway, in the above drawing, he’s not even that handsome. Not at all.

PTDC0014 (2)a Anyway, ending on a handsome note, I did some portraits too. These ones are quite quick- just 5 minutes each.  PTDC0014 (2)b      But this last one took about an hour! I’m happy with it. If I’m ever called upon to illustrate a Kafka novel (which is the dream!) I will ask this guy to model as Gregor Samsa/Joseph K/whoever the Kafka-du-jour is…

PTDC0011Anyway, there’s a handful of drawings from the week. More coming. I’ve finished a bunch of illustrations lately, and they’ll get published soon, so they’ll come up here too! Great!


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  1. Great drawings. I love the idea of the models posing as gods and goddesses. I am currently working through a drawing a day challenge revolving around Greek myths (my kids set each day’s subject, having chosen the theme) and I cannot tell you how helpful it would have been to work through some of my sketches in a life drawing class. I used to attend a weekly life drawing class, which I also helped run, back in Scotland and I am very much missing it not just in terms of my figurative drawing skills rusting but also the creative energy of the room. A life drawing class is a brilliant resource. You are clearly getting a lot out of it.

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