Back to Art School

Woah! I haven’t posted in so long that now wordpress has made a totally new “improved posting experience” and I feel like I don’t know anything any more. It’s quite a sensation. The main reason for my complete absence of putting up new work is because last week I started a year-long postgraduate course at the Prince’s Drawing School in London. That’s right! I’m an art student again. Back in Education. Which has also done a lot to give me the sensation that I don’t know anything any more.

PTDC0014 Basically it’s loads and loads of drawing, practising to get better and better at drawing. We have these 7-hour life drawing sessions. We go to the National Gallery and draw from paintings for days. We scour the streets of London for things to draw. We talk about drawing again and again. It is exactly what I want to do all the time.

PTDC0015 I think I made maybe 40 or so drawings last week! Maybe more.


But I have only photographed a handful of all those drawings, and very hastily at that. Partially because I don’t think anyone will have time to look through dozens upon dozens of drawings, and I certainly don’t have time to photograph them all. Too busy drawing!



But of course, in the interests of biting off more than I can chew, I’m also doing illustration at the same time (also to fund my ludicrous London rent). Had a lot of projects recently, and I will put them up when the publishers see fit! And endeavour to give at least a weekly-ish update of school drawings that I have been doing. Stay tuned!



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