Drawings for John and Emma

This weekend was my cousin’s wedding. Congratulations to my cousin! His name is John and he is an English teacher, and his new wife Emma is also an English teacher. Unsurprisingly, they both love literature (and hate Michael Gove), so for their wedding they gave me a list of just over 100 characters from classic works of literature (Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, Charlotte Bronte, J.R.R. Tolkein, J.K Rowling, Philippa Gregory, Charles Dickens, and William “Rambo” Shakespeare) and asked me to illustrate them, to go on placecards for their guests. What fun! I don’t get to do enough literary illustration. Here, in no particular order, is a small selection of the huge number which I drew. Click on them to get a sort of slideshow-thing with their names!



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2 responses to “Drawings for John and Emma

  1. Sarah

    What a great idea – though could be tricky matching characters to guests…

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