Cat O’Neil’s exhibition and some other things.

Many things have been happening here recently. Many, many things, but I have put none of them on my blog because, for the moment, they’re all secret. Who knew that being an illustrator involved keeping so many secrets? I feel like a spy. I could be working on any number of projects- perhaps I’m re-branding Buckingham Palace to be more like a circus? Perhaps I’m  putting together the storyboard for Michael Bay’s new movie Death of a Salesman: On Ice! Perhaps I’m designing erotic wallpaper for the master bedroom in one of Vladimir Putin’s many mansions? It’d all be so secret, you’d never know! Until it was published.

Unfortunately I can confirm that I’m not working on any of the above projects, and if they are being worked on, they are being worked on by professionals other than myself.

But with BIG, IMPORTANT NEWS, I can also confirm that I spent yesterday helping to hang Cat O’Neil’s incredible new Returning Home exhibition, which opens today, and the launch party for the first part of her possibly even more incredible graphical novel of the same name is tomorrow night. 

It’s showing in the Coningsby Gallery, 30 Tottenham Street, until the 18th of August.

The opening party is Tuesday 12th, from 6 til 9. If you want to drink a glass of wine and look at some beautiful illustrations, I suggest you come along. Here is a link to the facebook event:

And here is a link to the gallery’s website:

In the mean time, I’ve also been doing quite a lot of sketchbook drawing. Unfortunately my scanner is rather on the blink so it’s difficult to digitise them, but here are a couple of pages.


I spent Friday night sitting around in London Fields. I drew some people drinking in the park while I waited for my pals to arrive.


Some real characters around there. One day it might be me sitting in a park drinking Red Stripe and singing loudly at ten o’clock in the morning. Who knows?


Then on Sunday I went to the National Portrait Gallery to look at the BP Portrait Awards. It’s quite good, like it always is. I drew some pictures of the people who were there- art museums are good for that because people stand quite still, and no one feels like they can tell you off for drawing.


The BP Portrait Awards seems to almost exclusively show oil paintings, so I don’t think linocut printmakers are allowed to enter, but I might check that and enter next year. I might enter with a drawing of a person from last years awards!

Untitled-6 Untitled-5 Untitled-4

On the way back I saw a man dressed in a First World War uniform. I wanted to stay and draw him for longer because I’m doing so much World War 1-related work at the moment, but then he got off. Oh well!


That’s about it. More work soon- soon a  lot of the things I’m working on will be published!

If you’ve made it this far through the post already, you should reward yourself with a glass of wine. Come along to Cat’s exhibition opening. Coningsby Gallery. Tuesday 12th. 6-9pm. Yeah.


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