New Lino II

Here’s the other new lino I made last week (I posted up it’s counterpart yesterday, but I’ve put it just below too so you can see the comparison). It’s of a disused greenhouse near my father’s house in the north east of Scotland. Because most of the windows are still intact, wild plants just grow like crazy in there, and there’s this huge half-dead grapevine which covers the whole thing. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My idea was that I would do two prints of ostensibly very different subjects, but using the same colour as similar pentagonal forms (the front of the greenhouse frame), to draw them together. I feel like there are these similarities in both subjects, of busyness and chaos and claustrophobia, in a way which is exciting but also threatening. Here’s yesterday’s print so that you can see the comparison:

Ridley Road market screen





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3 responses to “New Lino II

  1. This is incredible! You’re amazingly
    Talented !

  2. georgialuckman

    These are very beautiful! Feeling very inspired 🙂

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