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I feel embarrassed to say this, but I haven’t worked with lino in about six months. This is partially on account of living in Hong Kong for that period, where I didn’t have immediate access to a workshop, and also because I was so burnt out after making thirty or so linocut prints in twenty weeks when I worked on Parade’s End. 

However! On Thursday I signed up for an induction to the East London Printmakers studio, which was a joy! I was working developing some of the baseball drawings from Boston which I put up a few weeks ago. Here are the  results:

baseball 1 screen image baseball 2 screen imagebaseball 3 screen image

I’m thinking of putting text on them and sending them out as postcards (as you can obviously guess by the big areas of negative space which are just crying out for some text on them), so we’ll see! About time I did another self-promotion run. Stay tuned!


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