Wine Time

It’s Sunday! One last mock-editorial for the moment, and then at the start of next week I’m going to do something different. Because it’s Sunday I thought I’d indulge myself and picked an article on a subject very close to my heart: cheap wine. Us British are reluctant to spend more than £6 on a bottle of wine, and this is apparently enough of a shock and surprise that the Observer have published an article on it. You can read it here.

What’s sort of funny about this is that I think there’s probably a lot of people around who would consider themselves “wine connoisseurs”, but if the statistics are right then a lot of them must also belong to the £6-or-under brigade. Anyway, here’s the illustration:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Also, one last little blog-bonus because it’s Sunday: I mentioned a while ago that I’ve recently moved into a new studio, and I thought I’d post a picture of it if anyone ever wondered what my place of work looks like. Here it is!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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