Police and Aliens

Two more mock-up editorial illustrations for today! Pow!

First up was an article that was in the Guardian a while ago, about undercover policemen having relationships with the people they’re spying on, which you can read here. The illustrations I enjoy making most are ones with people in them, and this article has two of the world’s favourite things: sex, and police corruption. Here’s the image:police under covers screen

What I really like about this illustration is that it works on two levels: Firstly, he appears as a normal guy in bed, but the hidden police helmet points us towards his secret identity (!). But the second (and some would say, more intelligent) interpretation of the image is that he’s an undercover policeman, and he’s under the covers. Get it? Under the… covers… Ha!

The second editorial-illustration-du-jour is for Mark Bittman’s climate change article in the New York Times, which can be read here. It’s sort of difficult to explain the crux of the image, especially because the article puts it so well and you’re better off just reading that, but the idea is that we used to think that the end of the world would be an alien invasion, but climate change may well get us first. Imagine the aliens’ disappointment at arriving on Earth and realising that they’re late to the apocalypse party!

alien climate change screenThere’s actually a second version of this image in which I drew out the little Shar-Pei faced aliens mentioned in the article, but I didn’t think it made so much sense. I might put it up later though.



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