Parade’s End: Volume ONE

If you saw yesterday’s post, you’ll know that my illustrated edition of Parade’s End has finally been published by the Folio Society! The complete Parade’s End isn’t a single book, its actually a series of four novels (a tetralogy, if you’re into that sort of thing), called Some Do Not…; No More Parades; A Man Could Stand Up-, and Last Post.

In this edition they’re along with my 25 illustrations, and combined into two volumes, each heavy enough to beat a man to death with. For the sake of spacing things out, I’m putting up Volume One now, and I’ll put up Volume Two tomorrow.

screen 1 screen 2 screen 3 screen 4 screen 5 b screen 6 screen 7 screen 8 screen 9ascreen 10screen 11


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  1. I love your work, its really beautiful! Congratulations on such a successful project. I’m impressed!

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