Moving House

My recent posts have been rather infrequent because I have been in the middle of moving house. Cat and I have moved down to London at last (having been forced to find somewhere after living in Hong Kong for so long, and you know I just have this love of crowds and air pollution and things) and now after a frenzy of Ikea furniture construction we’re settled in a little flat in East London. Tomorrow I’m going to move into a new studio and everything will start running really smoothly again, I hope, but in the mean time here are some drawings I’ve been working on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the moment, for various reasons which will become clear over the next two months or so, I’m really trying to get out of the tiny little sketchbook and get more into the habit of making big observational drawings on big pieces of paper. It wasn’t the best logistical decision considering that until Tuesday I had no home in which to put these big drawings, but y’know. 

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMany thanks to Hannah Edward for posing hungover for this drawing, which was actually in Oxford.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And lastly, some ink drawings and things- this one was in Yorkshire, in Braham Park. It’s a little silly neo-classical building from the Victorian period, and I’m pretty sure buildings like these are called “Follies”, but I’m not totally sure, so if you know please do tell me. Anyway, lots of them were built on rich estates for aesthetic value and pretty much nothing else, and they crop up in a lot of Pre-Raphaelite paintings and Oscar Wilde plays and things.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA On Monday I’ll have a new studio, and lots more updates will follow.


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  1. Jeff

    The two seated men remind me of those inter-war European artists who sat in bars and studied people with that loss of romance that occurred after the horrors of the trenches. There’s something unsentimental and direct about it. How do people respond when you’re doing the drawings?

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