Last week in Hong Kong

It’s the end of an era! Or at least, it’s the end of my time in Hong Kong. In forty eight hours I will be on my way home, or more specifically sitting the departure lounge of Beijing airport waiting to get on another plane home. This last week has been filled with a lot of running around and failing to get all these last things done, but here are a couple of the better drawings from recently.

Untitled-2 Last week we went to the Sai Kung fish market on Sunday, where the fishermen sell their fish straight from out of the boats moored on the pier. You have to shout down to them and then they pass the fish up in a net! Fun for everyone, except the fish.Untitled-3 I also went to Bowering Street Market, in Causeway Bay. I find that place really funny because it’s right around the corner from Time Square, but couldn’t possibly be more different.Untitled-4 Untitled-5 I’ve also, obviously, spent a lot of time on the MTR. The Kwun Tong line ifs full of people who are great to draw. I don’t know what it is about that line, but it’s true.

Untitled-6 Untitled-7

So that’s it! Let’s see how many drawings I can make in the last day or so. My bet is… zero! But you never know, they might be the best damn drawings I’ve ever made. Untitled-1So next week I’ll be back in the UK, and in March I’m planning on moving to London, though it might be temporary- I might move back to Hong Kong in September. Who knows!


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