A new drawing

I’m in the middle of working on a series of illustrations for Macau Closer magazine, which is an arts and culture magazine published in Macau, as well as here in Hong Kong. The main body of work is still in progress, and secret until the magazine comes out next month, but I’m making an effort to do new things with my drawings. I took one of the illustration roughs that was originally going to be on the cover, but which we abandoned for being too cluttered (the magazine is bilingual so all the titles have to be on the cover in both English and Chinese, which doesn’t leave a lot of space for complicated illustration!) and worked it up to a final so as to test out my ideas for tone and colour without ruining an actual published illustration! Here it is:

Reject screen res

This is all part of my plan to take drawings out of my sketchbook and actually make them into finished illustrations, rather than using prints all the time. I like using a really limited palate, as one would do with lino. More coming soon!

In other news, if you’re in Hong Kong this weekend or next, we’re having an open studio down at our place so you can enjoy the rare opportunity to glimpse into our professional lives! Hop on the East Rail Line to Fo Tan, come up to studio 526, and have a glass of wine with me and Cat. More information here.



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