A Day at the Races

My number one horse-related activity in Hong Kong is joining the great unwashed for Wednesdays nights at the Happy Valley racetrack, where we drink vast amounts of cheap generic lager, squander all our money gambling, and occasionally watch horses running round a track. And because next year is the Year of the Horse, I thought I’d make some lovely Chinese New Year self-promo mailouts in celebration of the new lunar calendar, and of me having no money. Here are a small number of the drawings that I made last Wednesday.

IMAG0349Obviously I started out with the horses, because that’s what I was there for, but horses are tiring. I like drawing the jockeys because they’re so tiny and wear these enormous leather boots, but I realised that no artist up until the late 19th century had ever succeeded in drawing a galloping horse, so I wasn’t even going to try. I focused on the punters instead.IMAG0348

There is nowhere in Hong Kong so good for looking at rich kids and overweight English businessmen. They’re all pressed up against the rails at the front, but then at the back there are the really hardcore Hong Kong gamblers, who are all chainsmoking, balding men, clutching their racing papers and betting slips.



So there we go, that’s a wee bit of the research drawing. What I’m now doing is turning that into a big composition in ink, then I’ll colour it, scan it, put it together with some text and send it to several hundred lucky people in the art world! This is the drawing in progress:

IMAG0347And as a special bonus, you get to see how messy my desk is. Incidentally, if you’re an art director and you don’t normally receive printed mailouts from me but would like to, send me a message and I’ll put you straight to the top of the list (or close to the top, or somewhere in the list. I’ll probably do it alphabetically). Or if anyone has any questions, simply raise your hand and I’ll answer them at the end of class.


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