The Life and Times of Rosetta Wong

It’s Monday morning and I think it’s time to show you all the fruits of last week’s labours, when I alluded to some new work based on a character who I drew in Taipei:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’d been asked by two very nice editors of a new magazine which is coming out at the start of 2014 (and who I may or may not have to keep secret for now? There’s so much secrecy in this industry) to come up with some stuff for them, and because I’m writing more and more I thought I’d write a short piece for them, and illustrate it. I wanted to do a character piece based on this lady.

Readers who are consider themselves particularly adept at pattern recognition may have also realised that almost all of my finished work is either scraperboards or relief prints, and that I never really make drawings outside the sketchbook, so I also thought I’d get really out of my comfort zone by actually drawing these illustrations. So here it is. If you really want to read the words too, you can click on it to make it bigger.








In fact, there’s a load of sketchbook work which is quite interesting to look at, so I might upload it, depending on how much I get done this week… Happy Monday everyone.



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