48 Hours

Quick post. Just got back from holiday. In Taipei. Lots of drawings. Will put them up later. Made some new watercolours. Put them up later. Working on another illustrated story for another magazine. Up. Later.

In the mean time, here is an illustration I made for the South China Morning Post’s weekend magazine 48 Hours. It’s all about buying things for Christmas, is the the wont of people in December. It’s rather different from my usual style, because the theme is rather different from my usual themes, but I’m quite happy with it and it is in newsagents all over the country right now so you can buy it if you want.

FINAL ver 3 white


Obviously the finished magazine has other text and stuff on the cover, and the colours are a bit different- I actually have a copy of it on my desk, so I’ll photograph it later. Or you could go and buy a copy, it’s only $9. 



I thought I’d show the rough too, because I always find that sort of thing quite interesting. AND special bonus, here is another rejected rough, but I thought I’d put it up because I find the idea quite fun. Though its a little on the weird side.



That’s all. There is, in fact more. Later. But that’s all for now!



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2 responses to “48 Hours

  1. oolung

    Isn’t Taipei awesome? 🙂

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