Week three

Here are some more pictures, completely my weekly-ish quota of showing you some of the things that I’ve been looking at lately.


Here are some kids sitting in Pacific Coffee, which is where I go to shelter from the rain, otherwise I’d be drawing old men practising Tai Chi in Victoria Park. I don’t think I started drinking coffee until I went to art school, and even then I probably just did it to look cool and sophisticated. In Hong Kong people seem to start drinking coffee pretty much from the age that they can hold a cup of hot liquid without scalding themselves.



Earlier this week my lovely friends Poppy and Chao came to visit from Taipei, where they run a brilliant shop which everyone in Taipei should visit right away. We went around Temple Street night market and ate a lot of street food, this is a street food seller. Have you tried those oyster pancake things? I always thought oysters were a terrible disappointment, until I had them deep fried.



This is another picture from that big walkway in Wan Chai. Every time I go there I walk a bit further up and make a new drawing, and eventually I’ll have drawn my way up the whole thing and will finally make it to the conference centre, and from the top floor I will draw the harbour, it will be amazing. The thing I really like about Hong Kong is drawing things from above, which is easy here because everything is so high up.



Speaking of high up things, this man here, and many others like him, have spent the last few days hanging around the outside of our building (on the 33rd floor) and drilling at incredible volume into the walls so that it feels like it’s going right into my skull itself. I had this idea that if it carries on I will lean out of the window and try to untie their platforms, which would be brilliant if only I could rely on them falling quietly.

So there’s a handful of new drawings. I am planning on making a few bigger things with more colour- I saw some amazing amazing Ink Painting at the Christies show in Wan Chai earlier, so will try to eminate some of that. Stay tuned!



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