Sai Kung

Because the parts of Hong Kong which aren’t islands are peninsulas, you’re never really very far away from the sea, even if you can’t see it for the impenetrable wall of skyscrapers or the giant mountains beyond them. But today we went to the seaside in a town called Sai Kung and I drew some pictures there- (not a day will go by without me sketching, and not a week will go by without me spamming it on facebook).



Hong Kong in general, and Sai Kung in particular, are famous for seafood, which is made to look both delicious and cruel by being displayed live and crowded into tanks ready to be pulled out and chopped up right in front of you. Here I find myself eating things that look harmless when cut up on a plate, but upon seeing them looking up at me I decide that they must be terrifying and horrible. These fellows aren’t perturbed though.



There is also a pier in Sai Kung, as you would expect from a fishing town. It allows fishermen to moor their boats in convenient distance from shops and markets, and it allows artists to make drawings demonstrating how good they are at drawing things receding into perspective. I was drinking vodka-tonics all afternoon so this so it was rather difficult for me.



Then in a moment of drunken ambition, we ventured into the town and looked at the temple. I sat down to draw this enormous picture- on the right is the temple, in the middle is an alley with some market stalls, and on the left I’d given up. You can click on it and zoom in if you like.


And of course, I wouldn’t be an artist at the seaside if I didn’t draw fishing boats. Astrid Jaekel, tremendous legend of artistic valour and Germanic efficiency, once told me adamantly that no one should ever draw fishing boats because they’re trite and twee and all sorts of other things, but you know, I was at the seaside so I drew some. I am filled with self-loathing.

More drawings soon!



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3 responses to “Sai Kung

  1. He he, interesting interpretation of my words there James boy! And I remember somebody whining about how much he hated going to the sea… it looking great though! 😉

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