Out and about


I’ve basically just been walking around drinking coffee and looking at things. Here are some of the best drawings of the last few days. That top one was drawn from the balcony of a bar called The Pawn in Wan Chai. It’s expensive and full of sweaty Europeans. Don’t go there.



This lady was in a cafe which sells my favourite of delicious ultra-strong Belgian monk-made beers, of all things. I think she makes a great character and I might write a little story about her, so watch out! I might write hundreds of stories like that.



Here are some more cool dudes. Keen observers will note that I drew some guys in matching double-denim a few days earlier, and this picture is on a similar theme. I like how much effort they put into their appearance, and how sulky they look. More to come!



I’m going to try to keep on updating this a couple of times every week, because I’m making new drawings all the time. I’ll hopefully move into a new studio next week too. As the weeks progress I will make more and more developed stuff and eventually change the world with the power of illustration!

But now it’s dinner time, and I’m going to eat some buns.


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