Hello Hong Kong!

I’ve been talking about it for ages, but at last I’ve actually arrived in Hong Kong. I heard that as soon as I left the UK there was a series of terrifying storms across the country, an infestation of poisonous spiders, a plague of locusts and our new baby prince was revealed to in fact be a Golden Toad. I’ll be out here until February, so managing to avoid most of the winter. Here it’s sunny all day and generally about twenty-five degrees in the middle of the night. Quite nice actually.


That’s a street. I think it’s Hennessey Road, but I’d have to double check. It gives you an impression of what Hong Kong is like, which is BIG and BUSY. I was going to say that it’s the complete opposite of British cities, but everyone drives on the left side of the road, they have the same three-pronged sockets, and everyone can speak English can a limited degree in an incomprehensible dialect, so it’s really very similar. Aside from the heat.

I haven’t really done very much, the first weekend being spent with jet lag and getting set up with telephones and internet thingys and other such nonsense. This means a lot of time darting around on the MTR which is Hong Kong’s super efficient public transport system.


It’s like a subway system, but it’s quite funny drawing people on it because everyone sits in rows on their telephones and ipads and laptops. This is because their subway system has wifi and phone signal. Not sure how that happens, but they manage. They could introduce it on the London Underground to further reduce the risk of anyone actually talking to each other.



I’ve also spent a lot of time eating, because the food here is fantastic. This means yet more food-related drawings, or perhaps phone related drawings, because I’ve seen a lot of people using their phones at the same time as eating. As demonstrated here.



I’m still on the brush pen as you can see, so I made some slightly larger drawings. I went to a market near where we’re staying- this is the sort of eating area. The main part of the market is fantastic but also way too busy to sit down and draw properly, which is a shame because there are lots of interesting things to see, if you consider crowds of people looking thoughtfully at freshly dying animals an interesting thing to see. I’m going to make some sort of plan and do some big drawings in there.


This afternoon I sat in a little outdoor eatery near Causeway Bay and saw these two Leng Tsais in their matching caps and denim jackets. That’s all from day one! There will be more pictures later in the week. I will also continue to work on my atrocious Cantonese. I hope everyone is having a fun time in Scotland without me!




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