Parade’s Ended!

At last, at long last! I have come to the end of my secret project- for those who don’t know, I’ve been working on a commission for the Folio Society, illustrating Ford Madox Ford’s classic teratology Parade’s End. And as of yesterday I have finally come to the end of the whole thing. It’s been almost exactly six months since I first sat down to read the books and now the last linocut has been printed and they’ve all been posted off.


Here is a new, very silly version of one of the first illustrations (which I showed on my blog ages ago) in celebration of being finished. The book itself won’t be out until February, but I’ll speak to them and see if I can show off the illustrations before the book is released. If not, you’ll just have to wait and see.

I’m now going to go and bathe in a giant tub full of champagne.




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2 responses to “Parade’s Ended!

  1. Sarah

    Please don’t waste good champagne, drink it while bathing by all means. Well done! Look forward to seeing the book.

  2. Hugh

    Well done! Your name popped into the mind when at a Folio-Society-sponsored exhibition in the British Library last week (or was it this week?) – so I thought I’d drop in on your blog. I seem to have timed it quite well. Good luck!

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