Old and Rustic and Ale

My good friend Jonathan Hamilton is a brewer, which means that he makes beer. He has a small company called “Beneath the Seat” and he tells me all about it, which is fascinating, even though I’m not certain that I understand 100% of the chemistry involved. But I draw pictures for him, that’s what’s important. Here are the bottle design for a new beer he’s made, called Old Rustic Ale. We spent all of Sunday spraypainting the barley pattern around the bottles.

Old Rustic

They’re double-sided labels, made with papercuts, which is a new thing I’m getting into. The reason I’m getting into paper  is because I’ve been making non-stop linocuts for Parade’s End (the aforementioned secret project- I can’t show the artwork for a little while) and wanted a change and thought I’d try a bit of a new medium. Here they are in a bit more detail:

old rustic labels screen


These particular beers are still maturing in their bottles for a little longer, but in the mean time you can buy some of John’s other beers on tap at the Hanging Bat on Lothian Road.


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