Surviving the Scottish Summer

As you could have gathered from the previous couple of posts, I have mixed feelings about the Scottish summer. On the plus side its the short time of the year when the weather becomes good enough that you can spend more than ten minutes outside without suffering horribly, but on the other hand it creates this sort of obligation where everyone is expected to spend all day sitting outside, which for me feels like suffering horribly. There are also Highland Games in a different town every week, and the Festival means that Edinburgh becomes uninhabitable. Even Dundee, normally the Reliable Bastion of Scottish Grimness, is not unaffected. I drove into the city over the Tay bridge last week and it sparkled in the sunlight like Las Vegas. 

As you’ve seen, I’ve been drawing lots of the things I’ve seen this summer, and I’ve finally compiled those drawings in a print. (If you haven’t seen, then look at the previous few blog posts here).

Here it is! This is my new self-promotion mailout, which this week, along with a couple of postcards and things, will be winging its way to hundreds of art directors in the UK, North America, and as of this month, Hong Kong too. What do you think?

Scottish summer screen

Incidentally, if you’re an art director and reading this and thinking, “that looks great, I want it as a poster” then fear not! Just give me a message and I will post this and other things to you too. 

I hope you all survive the rest of the Scottish Summer, and that on September the 1st it starts pouring with rain.


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