Sun or so

In an effort to concede to the good weather that I was moaning about last week, I went out and bought a summer shirt the other day. It’s made from light cotton and is white with a blue floral pattern, rather like the kind of tea cups that you’d see in old ladies’ cupboards or hipster vintage coffee shops. My intention was to wear it with pale trousers while lounging in the meadows on a summer’s day, but two days ago it began to rain horribly and now I realise that when wet this shirt becomes transparent. Now all it’s good for is showing my manly chest to the world on rainy days, or for camouflage if I ever want to hide in an old lady’s crockery collection.


As I can’t show you anything from my ongoing secret project until the beginning of next year at the earliest, I decided to make use of the good weather and make a series of illustrations about fat people doing things in the sun. Like the shirt, the relevance of this plan has obviously been sabotaged by the rain, but here is a scraperboard I finished last night, coloured using a com-pu-tor.

bathing screen

You see? It’s a bit different from earlier things, because it’s less offensively colourful and much less moody and aggressive. It’s loosely based on the River Dee, which flows behind my house in the North East of Scotland, where people swim in the summer. It shows a fat person climbing into a swimming costume while her companion reads a book on the bank. Could this represent an exciting development in my work? Yes of course it does. It’s not quite as exciting for you at this stage as seeing very old work printed on the cover of a book, but trust me, it will lead to exciting new things soon!


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