Whisky Time

I once met this old Russian guy in a bar who assured me that as long as you drink progressively stronger drinks throughout an evening (so beer, then wine, then vodka) you’ll never have a hangover. I’m not entirely convinced that this is true, but having written about wine a bit the other day I thought I’d get stronger and write about whisky. The very exciting thing about this post is it involves actual new work that I have made, rather than putting up other people’s photos of events where I hovered in the background.

So yes. The good people of Bunnahabhain Whisky on Islay are running a competition to design a label for a new limited edition whisky they’re doing to raise money for the Fisherman’s Mission, which is a charity for fishermen. So after some deliberation, I decided to enter. You may or may not recall that I go to the west coast of Scotland occasionally and have posted up some drawings from there, which look like this. This is what we call research and means that I wasn’t completely making everything up.


The illustration itself shows the Helmsman (who’s like the mascot of the whisky) sitting in a pub recounting his tales of the sea to his old buddies. And drinking whisky. The pub itself is based on Sandy Bell’s, which is on Forrest Road in Edinburgh. Go there and see for yourself. This is what the finished label looks like:

screen res

I’ve done it in scraperboard with digital colouring. I’ve even (badly) photoshopped it onto a bottle.

whisky mock

So just this very moment I submitted it to the competition. Hopefully I’ll win, and they’ll shower me in praise and money and whisky. Of course, if I do win the label goes on the front of 500 limited edition bottles, so please do look out for it on the top shelf of the bar in your local drinking pit.


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