Hard at work

Ahem, ahem! I have an announcement to make. At last I can reveal why I have been posting (and apparently working) so sporadically of late! Yes! I have a project on.It was a secret project but now it’s going to become a semi-public project:

I’ve been commissioned by the Folio Society to illustrate a new edition of a very old book called Parade’s End, which was written in the twenties by a man called Ford Madox Ford (his real name, Ford Hermann Hueffer, is just as outlandish). You might have heard about it because it was on the BBC recently with Benedict Cumberbatch (whose real name, I’ve heard, is Cumberdict Bendybatch).

Anyway, I’m doing many, many illustrations and will be hard at work until October, so will almost certainly continue to post sporadically for that time. I’m not going to give anything away until the book’s release date, which isn’t for quite some time. In the mean time however, you can have a sneak-peak of one illustration, just to whet your appetite:

Parade's End lino screen

What do you think? eh? Just wait til you see the rest. The book comes out in Spring 2014, but if you keep an eye on the Folio Society they might just tell you more about it…



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3 responses to “Hard at work

  1. oolung

    When I saw this in feedback, my first thought was “it looks exactly like German expressionism”. Then I read the post and knew why 🙂 Love the colours, good luck with the project!

  2. Don’t know the book but the illustration is excellent.

  3. oohhh they are some good names! well done! very exciting news and love the first print!

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