Another gosh-darn exhibition

I’m going to become one of those bloggers who starts all their posts with “Maaaaan, I haven’t been posting for a while”. But that’s because I’ve been working on a secret project and I may or may not tell other human beings about it at some point in the future.

Other things have been happening too though. For those who’ll be in the area, I have a Solo Show opening in the Woodend Barn up near Aberdeen, and I’ll also be doing drawings classes there over the summer, which you can sign up for (although the “James Albon Adult Workshop” isn’t anywhere near as sexy as it sounds.)

For those who are in Eddddinburgh, I’m in an exhibition there too. If you didn’t know already, I teach part time as a studio assistant in the Illustration and Graphic Design departments, and we’re having a show with my work and work from all the other young, hip studio assistants and artists-in-residence. Because I’m in the illustration and graphics departments, they asked me to make the poster: residence screen

Look! It’s a hand! There are five different departments (Illustration, Product Design, Jewellery, Glass, and Film & T.V), so each finger is a different colour. It was kind of funny though, because we sat down in the pub to discuss the poster and I said, because I was making it, that I demanded to put an illustration on it. And they said that’s fine, but don’t make it too “Illustration-y” because then it will look like an illustration show and the other departments will be upset. Anyway, it is an illustration and the other departments will just have to cope. I made the image in scraper board and I think with those colours it looks a bit like an advert for a 1960’s airline. The original image was black, and looks a lot more like a poster for a German expressionist poetry event in the middle of the 1930’s depression. residence black

It could have a tagline like “You will be crushed by societal collapse, the corruption of the state and the futility of human existence!”.

Anyway, the exhibition opens on the 21st of June in Evolution House on West Port, so come on down. We can drink some wine. It’ll be fun.



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2 responses to “Another gosh-darn exhibition

  1. I love the “German expressionist” version!

    • Haha me too! Unfortunately the consensus was that while it might be the perfect poster for a german expressionist poetry night, the other 12 designers weren’t sure it would best represent their own work…

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